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In-Store Marketing is the process of captivating the consumer’s attention to a specific brand or product inside of a retail environment. Kinetics Marketing takes a personal approach to marketing. We speak to customers face to face versus over the phone or internet.

Specialized Campaigns

There are many different ways to grab attention, whether it be through the use of signage, demonstrations, displays or even live presentation/representation. We utilize all of these strategies to target specific markets.

Customer Service

Our mission revolves around generating client, company and customer solutions that improve life for everyone. We stand out from our competition because we create a distinctive synergy between all parties.

No goal or aspiration is too big to attain with hard work and determination. Our team and clients are the lifeblood of our success. Anything is possible. In our dictionary the word NO does not exist. Kinetics Marketing, Inc. was created to acquire and retain customers in a personalized manner for all types of companies. Today, we are a market leader in outsourced marketing and innovative marketing campaigns.

Our Advantage

There is more to the claim than the growing business trend towards outsourcing and the extraordinary popularity of face-to-face marketing and sales in the age of information. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to changes in the business world and evolve to meet whatever challenges face us. Free thinking and questions are encouraged.

For clients that have never had a sales or marketing team, we can offer them a service that is more effective at reaching target markets than traditional forms of advertising (such as catalogs, media, telemarketing, commercials, or print ads). Our scope and range is unlimited.

  • Greater Brand Notoriety for the Represented Product or Service
  • Increased Revenue, Increased Income, Increased Profits
  • Local, Regional & National Exposure
  • Award-Winning Customer Service
  • Positive Reviews for the Campaign, Office, Organization, Client and Brand

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Kinetics Marketing, Inc.
Kinetics Marketing Boosts Career Opportunities in Miami, Oklahoma
Miami, OK--(Marketwired - May 26, 2016) - Kinetics Marketing, a small town marketing and promotions firm, has put Miami, Oklahoma on the map in 2015.

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Kinetics Marketing, Inc. lives by a philosophy of loyalty to our people and results for our clients. Our success is built upon standards of only promoting from within, leading by example at all times, and working hard.

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